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Livinglass Curves™

Design takes on a new dimension with Curves - the first decorative laminated glass that can be
made in curved profiles. Visit our Collections » to find out which interlayer materials fit your Curves.
Kimono Flame made in curved profiles.
As shown: Kimono Flame in Curves

  • Only from Livinglass, decorative laminated glass in curved shapes.
  • Available with recycled glass and 100% recycled resin.
  • Earn LEED credits with our environmentaly friendly Curves.
  • Lets you specify radius as well as length, width, and thickness.
  • Impact resistant safety glass.
  • Class A Class I Fire Rated.
  • UV, water, and chemical resistant.
  • Antimicrobial and sanitary.
  • Resists scratching, fading, and discoloration.